More Ways To Fight Against Tooth Decay

We as parents do everything possible to protect our children’s dental health. We take them to see their pediatric dentist for regular six month checkups, we try to see to it that they are exposed to healthy fruits and vegetables, we limit sweet and starchy snacks and avoid colas and sports drinks at all costs. What more can we do?

A lot of new mothers think that breast feeding their baby is the best way to provide him with the nutrition that he needs for proper development. Breastfeeding can be a very nurturing experience for both mother and child but professionals advise that once the baby teeth begin to erupt it may be time to cut back on those middle of the night feedings. The sugar content of breast-milk comes in the form of lactose which if left to linger on the teeth for too long of a time can lead to early decay. Wipe your baby’s mouth after each feeding to get rid of the leftover milk.

Whoever invented the “sippy cup” deserves a round of applause from parents who are constantly on the go and needed a non-spill type container for their children to take along on the ride. Unfortunately, there is a potential downfall. If you fill the sippy cup with a baby formula or a sweetened juice your child’s teeth could be exposed to the sugar all day long. Water is the safer choice.

Fluoride is a proven cavity fighter, but it can be harmful if swallowed. It may be wise to forego the fluoride toothpaste until the child learns to spit and rinse as he brushes. Your pediatric dentist can apply a supplement directly onto the teeth as an alternative source of fluoride.

If your child is a thumb sucker don’t worry, he will probably outgrow the habit before his permanent teeth begin to take their place. If he doesn’t, consult with your pediatric dentist or hygienist at Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora. Call (720) 721-3600 to make an appointment today.