Let Nature Take Its Course

Children will have cavities. Their teeth are just not as resilient as adult teeth and so are more prone to the invasion of the bacteria that causes decay. If the cavity is found early enough and it hasn’t developed below the surface of the tooth it will be easier to treat but if the decay has reached into the pulp the risk of serious infection or abscess becomes a concern.

The pulp is the nerve center of the tooth so when it is affected the results can be quite painful. At this stage your pediatric dentist may recommend a procedure known as a “baby root canal” to remove the bacteria. The treatment differs from an adult pulpotomy in that it is only addresses the pulp of the tooth, not the root, making the procedure much less complicated.

A pulpotomy may be the only way to save a primary tooth which is more important than you might think. Yes, their usefulness is temporary as the primary teeth will fall out when the permanent teeth are ready to erupt but in the meantime baby teeth play an important role in a child’s life. Baby teeth allow children to enjoy their favorite foods and make it possible for them to speak clearly and be able to participate in classroom discussions without the embarrassment of speech impairment.

If a baby tooth is lost before its time it will create an empty space. The remaining teeth may start to drift into that space which could disrupt the entire evolution. Pediatric dentists highly recommend that we take every precaution to preserve our children’s baby teeth.

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