Childhood Anxiety Is Real

If you see that your child is showing signs of anxiety about an impending visit to the dentist, you are not alone. In fact, studies have indicated that childhood dental phobia is quite commonplace. Whether they stem from outside influences or a personal experience there are ways to relieve these feelings of anxiousness that your child is experiencing.

Most people have trouble dealing with the unknown but once they are aware of what to expect their fears start to melt away. Children are people too and many pediatric specialists agree that education is the best way to alleviate the anxiety that comes from apprehension.

Pediatric dentists have been trained to deal with the issues that are specific to their patients and sometimes to the parents of those patients. Pediatric dental professionals can spot the signs of anxiety and will know how to relieve them. Experience has taught the pediatric dentist that before the exam even begins there should be a step by step account of what’s going to happen. Some like to use a model to demonstrate the procedure so that the child can understand it more clearly.

There are some methods of distraction that have proven to be successful in relieving a child’s feelings of dental anxiety. When the dentist can draw the child out by asking him to recall a recent vacation trip or talk about a school project that he is currently involved with it can lead his thoughts away from the dental environment. The memory or the preoccupation may carry over throughout the exam.

Parents can make a big difference. If you know that your child is particularly vulnerable to anxiety you will be able to alert the dental staff so that they will be better prepared to deal with the issue. Pediatric dentists encourage the participation of the parents.

The best way to see that your child is made to feel comfortable in a dental surrounding is to find a pediatric dentist in Aurora who is a specialist in his field and has devoted his practice to the well being of his patients. Call Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora & Denver @ 720-721-3600.