Try Something Different

If you find it easier to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, why wouldn’t your child? The ADA has determined that both electric and manual toothbrushes do a good job in removing the daily plaque that forms over our teeth. Plaque is what leads to cavities if it is left to build up.

Some children have a little trouble trying to maneuver a manual toothbrush. They may find it hard to reach between the back molars for instance, where foodstuffs can get caught. The molars do most of the serious chewing making them more vulnerable. If this is the case with your child you may want to consider letting him try an electric toothbrush to see if it makes the job easier.

Anything that gets your child’s attention and encourages him to care about his oral health is a step in the right direction. The makers of electronic toothbrushes have realized that there is a definite market for child sized products. They have come up with brushes that are specifically designed to attract the younger set. You can find them in the form of Disney characters or super heroes and in every color under the rainbow. When your child can take an active role in choosing his own dental products, he will naturally be more interested.

There’s no special care instructions that come with an electric toothbrush except of course, how to keep it charged up, but just like a manual brush it should be rinsed thoroughly after every use. Store the brush in the open air, and replace the head every few months – watch for signs of wear and tear. Most electric toothbrushes come with some spare heads.

Talk to your child’s hygienist at Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora to get a fresh perspective on electronic toothbrushes. Feel free to bring the brush with you on your child’s next visit and let the hygienist give him some tips on how to get the best results from using it. Call 720-721-3600 to make that appointment today.