Month: September 2015

Get Off To The Best Start – Choose A Pediatric Dentist

New parents have so much to think about and priorities are constantly changing as children grow and develop. One of the most important steps that you will take as a parent is to see to it that your child gets off to a good start as far as his oral health is concerned. The first […]

Start Off With A Positive Attitude

There will be many firsts that you will share with your child, one of the most important being the initial visit to the dentist’s office. Forming a bond with his patients and their parents is of key importance to a pediatric dentist and he will make every effort to start things off with a good […]

Parents Can Play A Part In Promoting A Child’s Oral Health

When you consider all the childhood diseases that may affect your child and how to guard against them, you may never think to include tooth decay when actually it goes at the top of the list. Yes, tooth decay is defined as a disease and it affects more children than any of the others. Education […]

Be Aware Of The Sugar Content Of The Foods That You Buy

The sugar in our children’s diet is what causes their teeth to decay. The mouth is full of healthy natural bacteria, but when sugar enters into the mix it works with that bacteria to cause harmful acids. It can take less than twenty minutes for these acids to start to erode tooth enamel. The hard […]