Start Off With A Positive Attitude

There will be many firsts that you will share with your child, one of the most important being the initial visit to the dentist’s office. Forming a bond with his patients and their parents is of key importance to a pediatric dentist and he will make every effort to start things off with a good first impression. Everything from the environment of the waiting area to making sure that patients feel secure and comfortable during the exam is taken into consideration.

The office staff and associates that you will meet at the time of your first appointment with a pediatric dentist have been chosen partly because of a unique ability and/or special training that allows them to communicate well with children. If your first experience goes well and you would like to schedule future visits with the same dentist or hygienist, the office personnel will make every effort to see that request is granted. They will also do their best to create an overall scheduling plan that will coincide with your timetable.

Some parents are surprised to learn that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be seen by a dentist at the early age of one year, but the reality is that the incidence of cavities in young children is increasing over the country. Studies tell us that one out of every four children in the United States will develop a cavity by the time he is four years old and some two year olds will be affected as well.

You as a parent can help make your child’s first dental appointment be a positive experience by setting the tone for the visit. This means talking to him about how much fun it will be to meet the nice people in the office and all the new things he will see there. Reassure him that you will be with him the whole time and that you will meet the new dentist together. Pediatric dentists encourage parents to be present at the first exam. The bottom line is that you want your child in a good mood and looking forward to his first trip to the dentist.

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