Month: August 2017

Work Toward Compromise

Kids Lunch In Aurora

We can’t expect our kids to give up all the sugary treats that they enjoy so much. After all, there are birthday parties to attend, after the game snacks to share and best of all Halloween trick or treating to do. The fact remains, however, that too much sugar will lead to tooth decay. So […]

Combine Resources For Success

Tooth Brushing

The health and maintenance of your child’s oral health will depend on establishing a coordinated effort. A home care regimen should consist of daily brushing and flossing using a fluoride toothpaste and the right type of brush and eating a well balanced diet. Parents will need to do the actual brushing and flossing up until […]

One Stage At A Time

Preschoolers Aurora

As parents we make every effort to see to it that our kids make it through the growing years without a serious injury. At the same time we realize that accidents do happen and that children are naturally cavity prone. From the time that first tooth erupts on through childhood and throughout adolescence our children […]

It’s That Time Of Year Again

Digital Dental X-Ray Service in Aurora

It’s seems like school starts up earlier every year. It’s a busy time for parents with having to shop for supplies, new clothes, and to stock up on healthy foods for snack time and lunches. And if your child intends to participate in school sports there’s the mandatory physical that you will need to arrange […]