One Stage At A Time

Preschoolers Aurora

As parents we make every effort to see to it that our kids make it through the growing years without a serious injury. At the same time we realize that accidents do happen and that children are naturally cavity prone. From the time that first tooth erupts on through childhood and throughout adolescence our children will experience all stages of tooth development.

Teething can be a trying time for baby and parents alike. Tooth eruption can cause some level of discomfort for your child which can in turn cause irritability, decreased appetite and trouble sleeping. Pediatric dental professionals have suggestions for the relief of some of the symptoms that are most frequently associated with teething. A cool teething ring or damp washcloth along with a finger massage can help to soothe sore gums. Some over the counter medications have been known to irritate tender gum tissue so be sure to check with your dentist before use.

Some children are destined to get more cavities than others. It could just be a matter of genetics in which case dental sealants and fluoride treatments can help to reduce the risk. Developing teeth need the proper nutrients in order to evolve and parents do have some control in this department. A diet rich in calcium and vitamins and lower in sugar and starch content will contribute to healthy development.

Teach your child to brush properly. Your Aurora pediatric dentist can demonstrate how it’s done and give you pointers about how to get your child interested in taking care of his teeth. There are toothpastes and brushes that can make that easier. Letting your child have a hand in picking his toothbrush and the flavor of his toothpaste is a good way to start off.

One of the most important things that you can do to insure that your child will suffer fewer cavities is to introduce him to a pediatric dental home at an early age. Prevention and early detection is key to oral care maintenance. Epic Dentistry for Kids welcomes you to their website @ or visit the office in Aurora.