It’s That Time Of Year Again

Digital Dental X-Ray Service in Aurora

It’s seems like school starts up earlier every year. It’s a busy time for parents with having to shop for supplies, new clothes, and to stock up on healthy foods for snack time and lunches. And if your child intends to participate in school sports there’s the mandatory physical that you will need to arrange for. This is also a perfect time to make that back to school dental appointment, but before you go think about any questions that you might want to ask the dentist and maybe make a list of your concerns.

A general back to school dental exam will include an evaluation of the alignment of your child’s teeth, a check to see if his bite is correct and an assessment of the transition from the baby teeth to the permanent ones. You can also expect that the dental hygienist will clean your child’s teeth as part of the appointment. Even the best of home care can’t take the place of a professional cleaning.

Your pediatric dentist may want to order a set of x-rays at this time. Tooth decay that forms in between the teeth can spread rapidly but if an x-ray image can detect it in the early stage it will be easier to treat.

If your child has not been fitted for a mouth-guard this would be an opportune time to have that done. If he has had one for awhile bring it along so that the dentist can look for signs of wear and tear and make adjustments if need be.

If your child has been having more than his fair share of cavities over the last year your dentist may recommend dental sealants. A sealant is a clear colored protective material that is often placed over the back molars, the teeth that do the lion’s share of the chewing, to keep food particles from getting lodged there.

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