Month: January 2017

Follow Advice From The Pros

Being prepared makes getting through an emergency situation a whole lot easier. If you have a home emergency kit for instance, you will be ready with on the spot treatments for those minor cuts and scratches that your children are bound to experience from time to time. Knowing that you have everything under control will […]

Encourage Good Habits

The things that we do to see to it that our children enjoy overall good health are often the exact things that we do that will protect and maintain their oral health. The foods that provide the vitamins and minerals that are needed for strong bones are also essential to healthy teeth. “An apple a […]

To Each His Own Brush

By the time your child is ready to brush his teeth all on his own he will also be ready to learn how to take care of his toothbrush, how to use mouthwash and how to floss his teeth. Most kids are ready to start a regimen for good oral health by the time they […]

Is Your Child Ready For A Fluoride Toothpaste?

Come Stop By Your Pediatric Dentist Near Aurora Mall Unless your pediatric dentist advises differently there’s no need to use toothpaste in a regimen of early oral care. The most important thing is that your baby feel comfortable and learn to enjoy the time set aside each day to take care of his teeth and […]