Is Your Child Ready For A Fluoride Toothpaste?

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Unless your pediatric dentist advises differently there’s no need to use toothpaste in a regimen of early oral care. The most important thing is that your baby feel comfortable and learn to enjoy the time set aside each day to take care of his teeth and gums. Young gum tissue is sensitive so you’ll want to use an especially soft bristle brush when cleaning around the teeth. A gentle gum massage can be a very pleasant experience for your baby.

Fluoride is essential in preventing tooth decay but it can make your child sick if he ingests too much of it. That’s why the professionals recommend using a toothpaste that is fluoride free until a child is old enough to be able to rinse and spit after brushing. Most guidelines suggest waiting until he is at least three years old but every child develops at their own particular pace so always check with your pediatric dentist before introducing a fluoride toothpaste.

When the time is right for a big boy toothpaste remember that your child’s tastes will differ from your own. Mint is a popular flavor among toothpaste brands but for some reason most kids don’t like it. Dental hygienists have noticed that the kids prefer flavors like bubble gum or cherry.

Most children will be able to brush on their own when they’re around the age of eight. By this time they may show an interest in picking out their own toothbrush and learning how to use it properly. This is an opportune time to ask for help from the dental hygienist who cleans your child’s teeth. She is the best one to demonstrate to your child just how to manipulate the toothbrush for the best results and get him accustomed to flossing. It’s often possible for parents to observe during this session so that they will be better able to follow up with home care.

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