Follow Advice From The Pros

Being prepared makes getting through an emergency situation a whole lot easier. If you have a home emergency kit for instance, you will be ready with on the spot treatments for those minor cuts and scratches that your children are bound to experience from time to time. Knowing that you have everything under control will keep you and your child calm in what could otherwise create chaos and panic. The same concept can apply for a visit to the dentist.

Pediatric dentists have come up with several useful tips that can help parents get their children ready for a dental appointment. First and foremost don’t try to oversell it. Going to the dentist isn’t the same as a trip to the playground but it doesn’t have to be something to dread either. Children can understand that going to the dentist is the way to keep their teeth healthy and strong so that they can chew all the food that they like.

A practice session can be a good way of demonstrating what will happen at the appointment. Let your child play dentist to one of her favorite dolls using a real toothbrush to count and clean dolly’s teeth just like the real dentist will her own. There are books available that illustrate favorite animated characters e.g., “Dora Goes To The Dentist” that children can relate to.

Don’t leave out the “fun” parts of the visit. Your child can look forward to picking a prize from the toy chest right after his checkup. He’ll also get to choose his favorite flavor of toothpaste and a toothbrush to take with him to use at home until time for his next visit.

Starting him off at an early age is the best way to get your child accustomed to making regular visits to his pediatric dentist in Aurora. Setting a good example by maintaining your own dental health can help him appreciate how important it is.

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