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We can’t expect our kids to give up all the sugary treats that they enjoy so much. After all, there are birthday parties to attend, after the game snacks to share and best of all Halloween trick or treating to do. The fact remains, however, that too much sugar will lead to tooth decay. So it just stands to reason that there has to be some kind of compromise. Dentists have some recommendations for parents who are trying to come up with a plan.

Water encourages the natural flow of saliva that works to wash away the bacteria that leads to tooth decay. Crispy fruits and vegetables like pears or carrots are low in sugar and require the chewing action that promotes an increase in saliva. The act of eating naturally produces more saliva making it the perfect time to let your kids indulge in something sweet.

Calcium strengthens tooth enamel and makes it less vulnerable to attack by the acids that are out to weaken it. Any product that is found in the dairy group is a good source of calcium. Broccoli is also high in calcium and most kids like to eat it with cheese sauce which makes for a double dose of calcium in one sitting.

Pediatric dentists put soda and citric juices right at the top of the list of no-no’s in the fight against cavities and even though diet versions get rid of the sugar factor they still contain the acids that destroy tooth enamel.

Sugar should not be seen as a reward for good behavior or set aside for only special occasions. That kind of thinking only adds to the temptation, but if your child sees dessert as just another part of an everyday meal he won’t be so apt to crave it. A sugar-free whipped topping or scoop of ice cream can make a healthy portion of fruit or pudding more appealing to your child’s appetite.

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