Healthy Habits Are Learned At Home

dental health habits start in home

Are you setting a good enough example for your children when it comes to maintaining your own oral health? Kids really do try to emulate their parents, they watch you closer than you may think. Pediatric dentists often recommend that parents brush and floss right along with their children, it makes it more fun for the child and it gives the parent a golden opportunity to demonstrate the proper techniques for successful brushing and flossing, how much toothpaste to use and how to spit and rinse thoroughly.

Younger children get bored easily and the two minutes that it takes to brush can seem a lot longer. If parents can make a game of it somehow the time will pass a lot faster. Pediatric dental hygienists in Aurora have suggested taping your own version of “happy birthday” and playing it through twice before you stop brushing. Some electronic toothbrushes come with a built in timing device. Speaking of which, an electronic brush may be more fun for your child to use and easier to manipulate. as well.

The there’s diet. Keeping the fridge stocked with healthy snack foods like raw carrots, apple slices, and celery sticks will show your kids that you are mindful of the family’s oral health. The fluoride content of the tap water from your kitchen sink makes it the better choice but even bottled water is better than a soft drink or fruit ade. Take plenty of bottles with you in the car and avoid the drive thrus along the way.

Snacks are harder to monitor when kids reach school age. You can pack whole fruits and yogurt in their lunch bags but what’s to keep them from trading off for candy bars or peanut butter cookies, for example. All you can do is trust that the good habits that they have learned at home will kick in.

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