Early Stage Cavities Are Getting Harder To Detect

Fluoride has been an invaluable tool in the fight against childhood tooth decay. However, the prevalent use of fluoride in drinking water and tooth care products has worked so well that our tooth enamel has become harder to penetrate. Consequently, cavities are now growing under the surface of the teeth where the tissue is softer. Deep-seated cavities are more difficult to expose, even with use of conventional x-rays. Some researchers suspect that only a little over half of under the surface cavities are discovered in the early stages of development.

The longer a cavity has to develop, the harder it will be to treat. Having to remove a large part of an infected tooth means that the entire structure of the tooth will be compromised. Laser cavity detection is a high-tech method for discovering early cavities that otherwise would be overlooked. A laser beam attached to the detection machine will be used to scan the surface of the teeth. If the light wand discloses an area of unusual density it will be translated to the computer that will print out the results. Laser cavity detection may actually give your dentist an opportunity to keep a cavity from fully developing by pre-treating a weakened area.

The technical knowledge that laser cavity detection has brought to the forefront of the dental care industry is phenomenal, but it is not meant to take the place of hands on examinations. It is simply a more advanced instrument that dentists can use to provide the best preventative treatment possible. Because the mechanism works best for patients who have not undergone a lot of previous restoration procedures, it is especially suitable for pediatric dentistry.

One of the most important concerns pediatric dentists address is the comfort level of their patients. Laser cavity detection is a safe and painless way to help a pediatric dentist in Aurora perform a routine exam. It has definitely been a beneficial resource for the entire industry.

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