Pediatric Dentistry Takes Aim At Cavities

The role of pediatric dentistry is to guide patients and parents as well, through the childhood years and on to adolescence with a minimal need for restorative procedures. Since tooth decay continues to be the prevalent disease of children in the U.S. cavity prevention is a key target and it starts with the first appointment with your pediatric dentist.

Pediatricians have acknowledged that a healthy mouth contributes to the overall well being of our children.  If a cavity is developing for instance, it will be hard for a child to eat the crisp, fresh vegetables that are recommended as part of a healthy diet.  If it is left to progress that cavity can develop to the point of causing discomfort when trying to chew other kinds of foods.  If a child is unable to eat because of a bad tooth his general health will begin to suffer.

A toothache can have an affect on a child’s ability to concentrate in the classroom.  The pain may become so severe that he will have to miss school altogether.  Then there is the issue of peer approval.  Children who are ashamed to smile because of discolored or misshapen teeth will lack the confidence to speak in class or to relate to classmates.

Some children are inclined to have more cavities than are considered average.  An early prognosis for susceptibility will allow a pediatric dentist to develop a personal plan that will include specialized preventive measures.

Home care can influence good oral health.  Pediatric dentists encourage parents to help their children maintain a routine of brushing twice a day and flossing at least once.  Diet should include good sources of calcium and vitamin D.  Foods and drinks that are high in sugar and acid content should be limited.

With the encouragement of parents at home and regular professional care children have the best chance for cavity prevention and a long life of good oral health. Call our Aurora Pediatric Dentist Epic Dentistry for Kids and arrange to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patterson at your convenience.