Give Your Child Every Advantage

Researchers hold out hope that one day there will be a vaccine for the prevention of tooth decay, but until that hope becomes a reality pediatric dentists will go on filling cavities and restoring damaged teeth with the technology that is available to them today.  That technology has reached a new height with the introduction of the laser to the dental industry.

Laser dentistry is as beneficial to pediatric patients as it is to adults.  As a matter of fact, a child who develops a surface or shallow cavity may be a  better candidate since a laser beam works best in cases that require minimal therapy.

Expedition is an asset for the pediatric dentist.  Children aren’t known for having the capacity to sit still for too long a period of time, especially if it involves being in a dental chair.  Laser treatments significantly shorten the length of time that it takes to perform a dental procedure.  Not only will the treatment be more timely but in many cases the need for a local anesthetic is eliminated with the use of a laser.  No needle is a big deal!

Most kids fear the sights and sounds typically associated with the dentist’s drill but any actual discomfort comes from the intensive heat that is emitted and the vibrating effect of the drilling.  The laser eliminates all that.  It is quiet and the only sensation the patient may experience would be a slight feeling of warmth.

The sooner a child is introduced to a regular regimen of professional dental care the better his chances are for cavity prevention and more serious dental issues in the future.  The many advantages of laser use make going to the dentist a much less scary experience that children may actually come to look forward to without dread or anxiety.

Laser therapy is not appropriate for every procedure but the opportunities for the use are numerous and will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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