Prevention Is The Priority

If a cavity is caught in the early stage the damage can often be reversed just by upping the level of a daily regimen for good oral health. Even If treatment is necessary it will be minimally invasive and probably able to be done without the need for a local anesthetic. Children are naturally at a high risk for cavities and often can’t realize the symptoms until the tooth decay has advanced to the point of causing pain. Parents should be on the lookout for telltale signs.

White spots on a tooth is a good indication that its calcium is being compromised. This is known as decalcification and can be an early warning that plaque is building up and a cavity is developing.

Children who wear braces have to be especially diligent about cavity prevention. Food particles are much more likely to be trapped in the wires of the device than they are in natural teeth. It’s best to avoid hard or crunchy foods and stick to soft pastas and fruits as long as the braces are attached. Your dentist may recommend changing your child’s toothbrush in order to make it easier to reach every part of each tooth. He may also put extra emphasis on the importance of rinsing after brushing.

We all know by now that smoking is bad for our health on so many levels. There continues to be an increased amount of attention focused on the risk that second hand smoke poses for nonsmokers. Some studies have shown for instance, that children who are exposed to the smoke from tobacco products have a bigger risk of getting more cavities in their formative years.

Bacterial plaque = acid production = deterioration of enamel. That is the formula for tooth decay. If we can reduce the amount of plaque that forms on our teeth on a daily basis we can come closer to breaking up that formula and preventing more cavities.

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