Establish A Plan For Early Prevention

Fortunately we don’t have to wait until our child is suffering from a toothache to determine that there may be a cavity brewing. In fact, by the time the tooth is actually causing him pain the tooth decay is probably advanced.

The sooner a cavity is spotted the better the chance that it can be readily treated or even reversed. The acids in the foods that we eat attack our tooth enamel and will eventually penetrate it. The first sign of the damage to come are the little white spots that appear on the surface of the enamel. They indicate that the tooth has begun to de-mineralize. At this early stage of decay the tooth can be re-mineralized with fluoride treatments and restored to a healthy state.

Children are susceptible to cavities as soon as their teeth break through the gum line. Parents have to keep a constant eye out for signs of trouble. Look inside your child’s mouth frequently to check for changes or anything that seems suspect.

Even though finding a cavity at an early stage is important for successful treatment the better option is to prevent it altogether. It would be unrealistic however, to believe that your son or daughter will get through their childhood without having a cavity but it is totally possible to reduce the risks. One of the higher risk factors is diet.

As soon as your child is ready for solid foods is the time to start limiting starchy snacks and restricting sugary drinks. Fruit juices may sound like a healthy alternative but they are acidic and most contain added sugar. Water is by far the better choice.

The earlier a child gets started on a regular schedule of professional attention the better his chances for cavity prevention are. Pediatric dentists and hygienists can provide the kind of information and instruction on home dental care that children will understand and be eager to follow. Dr. Patterson and the staff at Epic Dentistry for Kids are on hand to address your concerns. Call the office @ (720) 721-3600 in Aurora.