Dental Sealants Mean Added Protection

Pediatric dental sealants are meant to protect your child’s back molars from tooth decay. They are especially effective for children who are more susceptible because of a genetic history or because their teeth are naturally more porous. The fissures, or pits of the back molars make perfect targets for cavity causing bacteria and the deeper the fissures the higher the risk.

Because sealants are used as defensive mechanisms they should be applied as soon as the molars erupt so that they can prevent tooth decay from attacking – beat it to the punch so to say. The procedure is done one tooth at a time. The hygienist will clean the tooth to make sure that it is free from any plaque that may have already formed. Then she will apply a compound known as “etching gel” to dull the tooth’s surface. Once the gel is rinsed off, the tooth will be dried and the surface should appear roughened. Now it is ready for the sealant.

Your pediatric dentist will apply the plastic liquid sealant by brushing it onto the surface of the tooth and letting it seep down into the fissures. Next he will bond the sealant to the tooth with a blue light that is made specifically for that purpose.

Once the sealant has been placed your kids dentist in Aurora will make sure that the added layer doesn’t interfere with your child’s natural bite and adapt the density of the sealant if necessary.

There are some extra precautions that you can take to insure that your child’s new sealants protect him from cavities for years to come. The acids from plaque can impair the efficiency of the sealant so it’s more important than ever to brush and floss to remove the bacteria that can lead to plaque buildup.

Sweet foods that tend to stick to the teeth are known to promote tooth decay. They can just as easily impede the function of a sealant.

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