Cosmetic Procedures Are Becoming More Relevant To Pediatric Dentistry

An accident can happen to anyone, but children are more prone to some types of accidents than adults are. Running and playing in the yard or on the playground, and riding bikes around the neighborhood can put children at risk for spills or collisions. Results could be a chipped tooth, or a more serious injury that will require the treatment of a pediatric dentist.

But injury isn’t the only reason to consider a cosmetic dental procedure. That space between your toddler’s two front teeth, for instance, may not look so “cute” when he gets a little older and the other kids start to tease him about it. A diastema is the technical term for the gap separating two teeth. It can be caused by teeth that are too small in relation to the jawbone, or by teeth that were loosened as a result of periodontitis. Depending on the reason for the diastema, the course of treatment could include bonding, a crown, braces, or surgery.

If you think of cosmetic dentistry as something you might do to make yourself look better, you would be right. Looks can be just as important to children. The main concern of a teenager is often what their peers think of them. Being accepted as “one of the girls” for example, can be a big deal for your tween or teen daughter. Whitening your teeth is considered a cosmetic procedure and it is becoming a common practice in the field of pediatric dentistry. Having a brighter smile for the class picture or senior prom can be a real uplifting improvement.

The variation of corrective appliances, aka braces, available today are diverse. They range from the better known metal brackets and wires to the mouthpiece-like the Invisalign device. Ceramic braces are natural or clear colored and so much less noticeable than the traditional metal, while lingual braces are actually installed on the inside of the teeth. There are pros and cons to go along with every alternative.

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