Laser Dentistry Aurora and Denver, Colorado

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, we try to keep up with the latest advancements in dental technology. Since we treat patients as young as 6 months old, we make it a priority to seek out tools that make dentistry as easy, simple, and painless as possible, so our patients when undergo treatments in our office. 

To stay true to our name, we’ve adopted one of the newest (and best) innovations in dental technology: dental lasers. And yes, it is just as cool as it sounds. 

What is Laser Dentistry? 

Laser dentistry is a new way for our pediatric dentists to perform dental services more efficiently. The pediatric dentist can use laser dentistry for: 

  • Cavity detection
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Teeth whitening
  • Mouth ulcers

Using laser dentistry, a pediatric dentist can remove decay from a cavity very quickly without the use of anesthetics. Because the laser is so precise, it can remove the decay without agitating the sensitive dental pulp. 

How Does Laser Dentistry Work? 

It uses a tool that creates light energy in a narrow beam to remove or shape tissue. You can explain it to your child as a tiny lightsaber that fights off cavities and bacteria! The pediatric dentist can also use the laser to expose dental decay and find cavities. Using laser dentistry to detect cavities sooner rather than later results in smaller and more shallow fillings.  

What Are The Benefits of Laser Dentistry? 

Many patients and their parents actually prefer laser dentistry over regular dental tools because there are so many benefits. Not only does it sound cool, but it also minimizes swelling, bleeding, and post-operative pain. 

Less stressful

Unlike loud drills and suction devices, laser dentistry is silent. Many children suffer from anxiety at the dentist partly because of the sounds that they hear. By removing this noisy disturbance, the procedure may seem a lot less invasive and scary. 

Preservation of tooth

Laser dentistry is very precise. When it comes to treating gum disease or cavities, the laser won’t remove any unnecessary tissue or enamel. It will only remove the tissue necessary. When dentists use laser dentistry to find and fill cavities quickly, it reduces the need to drill away excess tooth enamel. Preserving as much of your child’s natural tooth structure is important because natural enamel can often outlast fillings. 


As we mentioned earlier, laser dentistry greatly reduces and sometimes even eliminates the need for anesthetics. This is great for children and special needs patients since anesthesia can sometimes cause them to bite down on the numbed area. With laser dentistry, patients retain feeling in their mouths during and after treatment, so they won’t injure themselves. 

Fewer sutures

Because laser dentistry is less invasive, it’s less likely that your child will need sutures post-op. The laser won’t cut into tissue and cause open wounds. Usually, it will only remove/reshape the parts that need to be operated on without affecting healthy tissue. 

Sutures can easily get torn or suctioned out with children, slowing down the healing process and exposing children to the possibility of infection. With laser dentistry, this is much less of a concern. 

Faster treatment

With laser dentistry, pediatric dentists can often treat problems more quickly than they can with traditional techniques. In the past, pediatric dentists would regard the mouth as four quadrants: upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Only one quadrant could be operated on at a time because the other quadrants would need to be left undisturbed, so the patient could still talk and eat like normal. Appointments would have to be split over multiple days to treat issues in different quadrants. 

With laser dentistry, treatment is much faster and more precise. Most importantly, anesthesia is not necessary with laser dentistry most of the time, so patients have full functional use of their mouths even after an area has been operated on. Because of this, dentists can operate on multiple quadrants in a day, making every visit worthwhile. 

Is Laser Dentistry Safe? 

Yes, laser dentistry is complete. In fact, it’s arguably safer than other dental techniques and it’s definitely safer than not going to the dentist altogether due to fear of drills and dentists! 

Laser dentistry effectively sterilizes and seals off blood vessels when it’s used, so patients are much less prone to infection and pain.

The only caveat with laser dentistry is that lasers can’t always remove all the enamel from deep cavities. It’s best for shallow cavities that are in their early stages. If your child has a particularly deep cavity, other methods of dental cleaning and fillings may be better. 

Does My Child Need To Use Laser Dentistry? 

Aurora Laser dentistry is optional but highly recommended, especially for children who struggle with dental anxiety. It’s a much faster and easier way to administer dental treatments. Talk to your Aurora pediatric dentist to see if laser dentistry is the best choice for your child!


What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry in Aurora is not actually a new type of tool. Research for laser usage in dentistry started back in the 1960s, but it seems like many people feel that it is a new practice. Laser dental treatment is easy to control and painless!

What procedures are performed in Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry in Aurora can be used to perform procedures like reshaping gums and removing bacteria due to gum disease. A laser can also remove bacteria during a root canal or lesion removal. Lastly, lasers are used for teeth whitening. If you would like more information, browse our website!

How does a dental laser work?

A dental laser works by using a beam of light to perform dental procedures. The light energy used is painless and removes tissue on contact. Using a laser can be more efficient and accurate when it comes to the majority of the procedures it can be used for. If you are looking for laser dentistry in Denver, then stop by Epic Dentistry for Kids.

What is dental laser treatment?

Laser dentistry in Denver is a beam of light energy that is used to perform efficient and accurate cuts and removal. Lasers are great for removing decay on teeth during root canals and removing bacteria and plaque during regular teeth cleanings. It is a painless tool that can give you comfort when going to the dentist.

Is laser treatment safe for teeth?

Aurora laser dentistry treatment is safe for teeth! Believe it or not, but laser dentistry is painless! If your child has a fear of dentists or tends to get anxiety, we recommend trying out laser dentistry. Give us a call today if you have any questions.