Your Pediatric Dentist May Restore A Baby Tooth With A Crown

We know that healthy baby teeth make life easier for our children. Besides the primary role of making it possible for children to eat nutritious foods, baby teeth allow children to pronounce words correctly and speak clearly, which in turn will add to their self-confidence in school and in social situations. Baby teeth pave the way for permanent teeth by saving the space for them to erupt into the proper position.

Baby teeth are meant to last for the first twelve years of a child’s life. If they are lost too early they won’t be able to complete their purpose. Seeing a pediatric dentist on a regular basis is the best way parents can ensure that their child’s baby teeth remain strong.

If a new cavity is discovered during a routine exam, your pediatric dentist will be able to restore the tooth with a traditional white filling. However, if tooth decay has developed past the initial stage your pediatric dentist may prefer to install a crown. A stainless steel crown is perfect for a back molar since it will not be noticeable to others. “Pedo-jacket” crowns are a popular choice for use on the front baby teeth. The crown is made of a white plastic substance and fits right over the tooth to protect it from further decay.

Crowns used for baby teeth differ from the made to order ones used for adults. They are available in several sizes and then customized by your dentist to fit your child’s tooth. The process will require numbing the area where the crown is to be put into place. Once the decay is removed the dentist will proceed to shape the tooth and get it ready to receive the crown. When the crown is in place, he will examine the restoration to be sure that the result meets his expectations.

Over the counter medication will relieve any mild pain that your child may experience due to the tenderness of the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. Try to avoid solid foods until the numbness has time to wear off. Your Aurora pediatric dentist will warn about the danger of biting down on the numbed area.

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