Take Care Of Those Baby Teeth And They Will Serve You Well

Even though your child’s baby teeth are temporary and will naturally fall out in order to make way for his permanent teeth, they serve more than one purpose while they are in place.

In order for the baby teeth to hold the position for the permanent teeth, they must stay healthy. If we don’t take care of them they could be lost prematurely. When one baby tooth is lost the ones nearby tend to drift into the empty space, making it impossible for the permanent tooth to take its proper place. The permanent tooth may try to come in sideways, or it may just stay under the gum line. Either scenario could lead to an even bigger problem in the future. Fortunately there is a backup plan.

Your pediatric dentist can replace a missing baby tooth with something called a “space maker.” It is actually a crown that is installed in the space between the two adjacent remaining teeth to keep them from moving toward each other. Now the permanent tooth is free to erupt into its rightful position. A space maintainer is only used when a baby tooth has been lost too soon due to accident or decay.

If a cavity in a baby tooth is left to develop into the nerve of the tooth it can cause an infection in the root. Once the bacteria enters the bloodstream it can affect other parts of the body. Some studies have left reason to believe that an infection that reaches into the root of a baby tooth can actually cause some damage to the permanent tooth that is waiting to erupt.

Baby teeth provide a great opportunity for parents and pediatric dentists to introduce children to good oral hygiene habits. If they learn about flossing and brushing at an younger age, children are much more likely to take better care of their permanent teeth. Getting off to a good start with early routine visits to the dentist’s office is key to a good dental maintenance plan.

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