Save The Fluoride

Of all the beverages available water is the one that will help to keep your teeth healthy. Parents will be doing their kids a favor by encouraging them to drink more water, starting at an early age.

So water is water, right? Not so fast, you have choices to make. Bottled water for instance, has become so popular that the reports from some studies have claimed that each person in the US may consume at least four bottles of water per week.

It’s understandable that the popularity of bottled water has become so widespread. With all the activities that families are involved with these days they spend a lot of time on the go. It’s easy to fill the cooler with bottles of water that everyone can just reach in and grab at will. But is it the best choice?

Many people have chosen to filter the tap water that comes from their kitchen sink in an effort to eliminate any impurities. Unfortunately some home filtering systems also cancel out the fluoride content that is present in most community drinking water sources, aka your tap water. Be cautious about the system you choose.

The EPA assures us that any additives that are used to preserve the constitution of our home tap water contributes to our good health as well. It that’s not enough to convince you however, you can always opt for distilled water. It is readily available over the counter or you may choose to distill your own water. Unfortunately, the purification process may also eliminate any fluoride content.

One of the most important qualities of tap water is the fluoride that comes with it. Without fluoride our kids would have a whole lot more cavities than they do with it. Most brands of bottled water contain little or no fluoride so use it sparingly and don’t let it become your only point of supply.

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