Children Need To Get The Picture

Statistics back up what pediatric dentists have been seeing for some time, that children are getting cavities at too high a rate. The Center for Disease Control, Division of Oral Health has determined that children between the ages of 5 to 11 have the highest percentage of untreated tooth decay. The rate drops for those of adolescent age, but not by that much. As with any disease the key to controlling the number of cavities our children experience is prevention.

The next best scenario is early treatment. In order for children to start taking care of their own teeth they need to understand why it is so important. Parents have to put it to them in terms that are easy for the children to understand.

At least one pediatric dental hygienist came up with the idea of comparing a tooth’s structure to that of an ice cream bar. She described the tooth enamel as the hard chocolate coating that covers the softer layer of ice cream (dentin) underneath. If the coating wasn’t there the ice cream would melt away, just like the softer tissues of your tooth could be damaged if the enamel didn’t protect it. Once her patients understood the concept they were more receptive to hearing about ways to preserve their tooth enamel.

Good home care along with regular visits to a pediatric dentist in Aurora is essential to your child’s oral health. A fluoride varnish can be applied in office which is especially important for the primary teeth of children that are not exposed to a fluoridated supply of drinking water. All children should be using a fluoride toothpaste after the age of seven. A dental sealant has been known to reduce the percentage of decay in the permanent molars by 80% for a period of two years after having the procedure done.

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