Kids’ Dental Care in Aurora: Bad Breath Problems

Kids' Dental Care in Aurora

One of the most common problems for kids’ dental care in Aurora is bad breath. Bad breath -in fact- affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds. There are many reasons that people get bad breath, and it is not uncommon for children to have bad breath early in the morning.

Once your child has had something to eat and drink and has brushed their teeth, this generally goes away. This type of bad breath is not a problem as it is not the result of any another problem. This ‘morning breath’ is generally just caused by your mouth drying up in the night as saliva production decreases, and bacteria increases. Once your mouth has been refreshed and the dryness has gone, the breath will improve.

If bad breath continues throughout the day, then it may be a sign of a bigger problem that should be addressed.

What Is Bad Breath?

Bad breath, or halitosis, is an unpleasant smell that comes from the mouth. For many people, bad breath can lead to shyness and avoidance of social situations. With a constant worry about how others may perceive the bad breath, it can be difficult or upsetting for the person who is suffering from it to deal with.  

People with bad breath may not know that they have it. It can lead to other people noticing it and even pointing it out. There will be a lot of embarrassment and shame surrounding bad breath.

If your child has bad breath, you should remember to consider their feelings when it comes to finding a solution that helps them. Employ tact in finding a way of getting the bad breath looked at and find positive ways to help them to overcome it.

What Causes Bad Breath in Kids?

There are several different causes of bad breath in kids, these can be related to your child’s dental hygiene or problems with their teeth or gums. Issues such as blocked noses or infections can also have an impact on their breath, as well as digestive problems. The issue could be related to something that they are eating, or it may be down to them not keeping themselves well hydrated.

If your child has a blocked nose, a throat infection, or sinusitis, this can cause problems with their breathing. When anyone struggles to breathe, it can dry up their breath and cause bad breath. Over time, the worse the problem with their health, the worse their breath may become. Many kids will have infections or coughs and colds that linger longer than they should or never really go away.

Problems with digestion can sometimes cause problems issues with bad breath in kids. This may be caused by diets that are particularly heavy in one type of food. For example, a high protein diet may cause these problems.

In the instance that your child suffers from an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, this can cause issues with bad breath.

Dental problems such as a build-up of plaque, gingivitis, tooth decay, or abscesses can all cause bad breath.  

Some more severe health problems such as diabetes, or kidney damage can also lead to bad breath.

What Can Be Done About Bad Breath in Kids?

If your child has bad breath, and you are worried that it may be more than just ‘morning breath’, you should try and find out what is causing it.

Your child’s dentist is a good place to start the process of finding out what is causing their bad breath. The dentist will look at your child’s gums and teeth and look for signs of decay or plaque build-ups. They will be able to advise on treatment that they can help deliver to help in these areas. They can also provide support with your child’s dental hygiene so that they can avoid these problems from reoccurring.

Keeping up with brushing teeth twice a day and introducing flossing and the use of mouth wash will ensure that your child’s dental hygiene is looked after as best as possible.

When the bad breath is a symptom of a wider health problem, then go to your Kids’ Dental Care in Aurora and make an appointment with your child’s doctor where we can have an examination to find the root cause. Where your child’s bad breath may be caused by an infection, the doctor may be able to provide medication to help.

For further information on bad breath problems or any other dental concerns contact us, your Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora. You can call us directly at 720-721-3600 or make on online appointment. We will  help you and your kid identify the causes of bad breath and help with treatment.

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