Calcium Information from Your Pediatric Dentist In Aurora

Calcium pediatric dentist in Aurora

Calcium is a big part of keeping your teeth and bones strong. It is also essential in making sure your body stays healthy too. It is especially necessary for kids, as it helps their teeth develop and their jaw to remain strong and healthy for when all their adult teeth come in. Here is everything you need to know about calcium, from your friendly pediatric dentist in Aurora.


What Is Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that is found in the body and is essential for all living things to keep healthy and strong. It is the most commonly found mineral in the body, and over 98% of it is found in our bones and teeth. Calcium gives us strong bones and teeth and helps our brain communicate with different parts of the body.

Where Does Calcium Come From?

Calcium can be found in dairy products like milk and cheese, some green vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, fish with small bones in like pilchards and sardines, and even in soy products like tofu. These foods also have the added bonus of being healthy, too, so eating them will give your body a boost of both essential nutrients and calcium.

What Makes Calcium Good For My Teeth?

Calcium is good for both kids and adults teeth, but it is extra important for children because:

  • Calcium helps make your kid’s jaw bone strong so that it can hold teeth in place
  • Calcium strengthens your kid’s jaw so it can get ready for adult teeth formation
  • Calcium helps keep your kid’s gums healthy and strong and infection-free
  • Calcium promotes healthy tooth formation for your children
  • Calcium keeps your kid’s current teeth healthy and strong
  • Calcium strengthens tooth enamel and helps fight tooth decay

What Happens If You Don’t Have Enough Calcium?

A deficiency of calcium can lead to weak gums and impact tooth formation, so it is really important to provide you and your kids with an adequate supply of calcium in your diet. Your body doesn’t naturally provide calcium, so a calcium-rich diet is essential to help the body carry out its daily functions. If you are concerned your child isn’t getting enough calcium, you could try calcium supplements, but make sure you consult with a professional to make sure you are giving your kids the right calcium dosage.

What Is The Recommended Amount of Calcium For Kids?

The recommended amount of calcium for kids increases as they get older to support their growing bones, and the age bracket and daily amount follows below:

  • Up to six months: 200 mg
  • Seven months to a year: 260 mg
  • One to three years: 700 mg
  • Four to eight years: 1,000 mg
  • Nine to eighteen: 1,300 mg

Check the back of your product packaging if you’re concerned about getting the amount right, or ask your friendly pediatric dentist in Aurora at Epic Dentistry For Kids for more information.

How Else Does Calcium Benefit The Body?

Calcium doesn’t just help your teeth; it helps the rest of your body to carry out the following functions too:

  • Calcium helps to circulate blood, move your muscles and release key hormones
  • Calcium provides your brain with the ability to communicate with the rest of your body
  • Calcium makes your bones strong and dense

Calcium is stored in your bones, and they act as the bodies’ calcium supply, which is why your body needs calcium from your diet to keep both your body and bones nice and strong.

Does Calcium Need Anything Else To Work?

In order for your body to use calcium properly, you need to have vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in some fish, like salmon, eggs, and is added to some milk. Vitamin D is most commonly taken from the sun and used by our bodies, so encouraging your kids to slather on some sunscreen and play outside will help their bodies to absorb vitamin D and process calcium correctly. 

Is Too Much Calcium Bad For You?

Just like too little calcium, too much calcium is bad for you, also. It can have side effects like gas, bloating and constipation, and rarer side effects too. If you’re worried, consult a professional who will be able to advise you on whether you or your children are taking too much calcium.


We hope that this has helped you find out a bit more about calcium and the benefits of a balanced diet with calcium-rich foods. Calcium is an integral part of your bodily functions and keeps your bones and teeth strong. If you’d like to find out more about calcium and come to a dentist that will look after your kid’s teeth, make an appointment with Dr. Patterson and the team at Epic Kids Dentistry today.