What Braces Color Combinations Look Best?

Braces color combinations are not something you should forget about

Many patients fear that they’re making a terrible decision when getting their traditional metal braces on because they will catch everyone’s attention. However, we like to remind our patients that conventional metal braces are the most reliable, durable, and customizable appliance available to fix your smile.

These metal braces give you a chance to play around with color combinations that express your style, mood, and basically anything you wish to use as a personal statement.

The team here at Epic Dentistry for Kids wanted to share a couple of ideas for braces color combinations you might like and make your own throughout the treatment that will deliver a smile you can be proud of.

What Are Some Braces Colors You Should Avoid?

We’re firm believers anyone can choose the colors they prefer and fully display them on their smile, but there are a few colors that may not look as nice to some patients for several reasons. Some colors can make your teeth look stained or discolored, while others may just be confused for food debris and make people think you don’t have clean teeth.

Extremely dark colors are a no-no, even though we’ll list a few exceptions to this recommendation below, so think of colors that won’t look like stains on your teeth.

Also, you should experiment with as many color combinations as you want to find out what works best for your case. Here are a few colors we like to avoid.

  • Light greens that may look like food.
  • Yellow rubber bands can intensify the yellowish tint of your natural tooth color, making them look stained.
  • Black might pass by as a cavity on your tooth.
  • Brown can be mistaken for food giving the wrong impression.

What Are Some Color Combinations You Can Wear?

Let’s review some of the most common excuses patients have to mix up their rubber band colors and dazzle up any curious onlookers.


If you get in touch with Dr. Patterson’s office in advance, you can get some of the colors that will look best and match a few awesome holidays. Here are a few ideas:

  • 4th of July. Apple Pie, outdoor grills, fireworks (wherever they don’t hurt pets), and the American flag on full display. Make sure you get your red, blue, and white braces colors to go full-on celebration and make a statement whenever you smile. Orthodontics can also be festive, you see?
  • Halloween. Remember we said we would make a few exceptions and tell you to go any color you wanted to? This is one such case. Black, purple, green, and orange are all colors that scream Halloween, and you can bet we’ll add them to the list of colors you should rock during trick-or-treating here in Aurora.
  • Christmas. Why not jump on the Santa-loving train and adorn your braces with a bit of bright red and white? Make your smile look as festive as possible, and get some color combinations that feel jolly.

Sports Teams

So how about sports fans out there who want to get the best smile they can have? That’s right, show you’re a true fan and dawn your favorite team’s colors when you smile and scream out your lungs after scoring a point. Check out some ideas below:

  • Colorado Eagles. We’re nothing if not great at hockey. Show our professional team some love and dawn the blue, yellow, and red of the Colorado Eagles. You’ll look awesome when the fan cam focuses on your smile!
  • Colorado Buffaloes. Show the mighty your support and wear the gold and black of the Colorado Buffaloes. You don’t have to wait until SuperBowl to look awesome while getting your smile fixed.
  • Colorado State University Rams. The green that adorns many professional and high-level sports teams can also adorn your smile when you go to the next Basketball game. Make sure you get the right shade of green and rock your unique smile.

Get in touch With a Colorado Orthodontist

Maybe you’ll want to get some blue and white rubber bands to match our practice’s logo, but one thing we’re certain of is that you’ll find several color combinations that make you smile long before your treatment is over.

Make sure you get in touch with our team to learn more about the several opportunities you’ll have to show your own style, and please don’t forget to set an appointment to learn more about the ways in which orthodontics can help you get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

As the best orthodontist Aurora has available, our team of specialists wishes to receive you and help you develop a treatment plan that adjusts to your circumstances and goals. See you soon!