Make Your Back To School Appointment Now

Summer is winding down and parents will soon be sending their kids off to begin the new school year.  Part of that ritual will include a back to school visit to the pediatric dentist.  Hopefully, you haven’t let your guard down during the summer vacation and your child has stayed with a diet of healthy foods and avoided eating too many sweets.  But odds are that there have been some setbacks in that department what with trips to the amusement parks and camp outs.  It’s kind of hard to insist that your kids brush and floss when you’re pitching a tent in the middle of the wilderness.

If your child has been part of a pediatric dental home since his primary teeth began to come in, any temporary discrepancy in the regimen of home dental care shouldn’t be an issue.  However, the sooner you get back to a healthier routine, the better.

A good place to start might be with the foods that you put in your child’s backpack every morning.  Between meal snacking is hardly recommended but pediatric dentists realize that they are a part of the daily routine for preschool and elementary school children.  Crisp veggies and fruits that are rich in vitamin C are good snack food choices.  Look for a day care center that sets aside time for the kids to brush their teeth after snacks.

Back to school means back to gym class and organized sports activities.  Make sure your child is fitted with a custom made mouth-guard so that he can avoid damage to his teeth in case of an accidental incident.  Your pediatric dentist in Aurora can make a mouth-guard that will be comfortable for your child to wear while providing the utmost in protection.

While you’re in the midst of picking out this year’s school clothes and buying all the supplies that your child will need to start things off don’t forget to schedule that back to school dental appointment with Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora.  Call the office today @ 720-721-3600.