Enamel Is The Protective Layer

The groundwork for good oral health is laid during the first few years of life.  Studies have shown that babies and toddlers that aren’t exposed to adequate oral care are at higher risk for cavities as they go through childhood and adolescence.

The enamel is the protective layer of your child’s teeth that guard against infection reaching the more vulnerable layers that lie beneath.  Even though tooth enamel is known to be a substantial barrier it can be compromised.  Teaching children how to take care of their tooth enamel is a big step in controlling tooth decay.

Pediatric dentists recommend starting children off with a soft bristle toothbrush and teaching them to brush gently to avoid undue stress on the enamel as well as irritation to gum tissue.

Diet is a major factor in the fight against tooth decay.  Sugar has always been seen as a contributor, but starchy foods are just as much of a threat. Starch turns to sugar very quickly and sugars are what combine with the bacteria in your child’s mouth to form the acid that begins to work away at his tooth enamel.  Dairy products on the other hand, neutralize acids and provide calcium to promote healthy enamel.  Dentists encourage parents to substitute a healthy cheese snack for a sweet treat or a bag of starchy potato chips.

Get rid of a potential source asap.  It is unrealistic to believe that you as a parent can keep your child from ever eating or drinking something that could increase their odds for getting a cavity.  The longer food particles remain in the mouth the higher the risk.  The ideal would be for your child to brush after every meal and in between snack but even rinsing with plain water has been found to be a beneficial preventative.

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