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Parenting is a beautiful experience but also a demanding one. Yes, when we mention “demanding,” we mean “challenging” but also quite satisfying and rewarding. Indeed, first-time parents must have a good idea of the many aspects of nurturing a child and also “prevention,” as with taking good care of their teeth.

In this educational article, we want to share some tips you might find valuable about oral hygiene from the very moment you have a newborn to the moment when your little munchkin acquires the dexterity to handle a toothbrush and manipulate a flossing thread.

What Is The Best Way to Clean Baby Teeth For the First Time?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child’s dental health is always in tip-top shape, and one of the best ways to do that is by taking good care of their mouth and baby teeth. But how exactly do you clean the mouth before the first baby teeth erupt, and how do you clean baby teeth for the first time? Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

How To Clean Your Baby Gums Before Teething?

Your newborn needs to get their mouth clean after breastfeeding or bottling. You might be asking yourself, If my kid has no teeth, Why should I have to clean their mouth? The answer is bacteria are everywhere, even in your newborn’s mouth.

But also, a newborn does not produce enough saliva to wash away the residues that impregnate the tongue and gums. Moreover, starting earlier is the best you can do, so get your little one accustomed to it during infancy.

Excellent; now that you know about the importance of having your little baby’s mouth clean, let’s check this easy three-step process as follows:

Use a Disinfected Gauze

Get a new disinfected gauze. Dip the gauze in lukewarm water.

Rub the Gauze on Your Infants Mouth

Use your less dextrous hand to open the baby’s mouth. Cover your index finger with the gauze, and then rub it against the baby’s tongue, making back-and-forth movements.

Repeat the Process on the Gums and Cheeks

Using the same motion and technique, rub the gauze on the gums, cheeks, and roof of the mouth, making sure you cause no harm to the infant.

How To Clean Your Toddlers Baby Teeth?

The World Health Organization – WHO defines a newborn as a baby up to 28 days after born, and we can claim, based on the Centers for Disease Control – CDC definition, that an infant is a baby that passed being a newborn up to the first year of age.

Baby teeth start erupting from the sixth month. From that moment and during the toddler years and up to the first school years, this is to the fifth year of age; we recommend parents help their kids with oral hygiene. Here we include a list of tips you can implement to ace your little one’s oral care at home.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Get an infant Finger toothbrush with bristles or a Soft-bristled and small-head baby epic toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association – ADA designed for 0-3 years old babies.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

First, we must remind parents they must take their infants for their first pediatric dentist visit once the first baby tooth erupts and no later than the first year of age. The first evaluation is key to determining if your little kid needs additional fluoride.

The enamel protective layer of teeth comprises a compact chain of minerals that makes it the hardest part of the human body. However, decay of teeth might produce demineralization of this important protective layer.

Fluoride is effective in strengthening tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay. However, too much fluoride might cause an adverse effect named fluorosis due to exposure to high quantities of the mineral, causing white or brown spots on the baby’s teeth.

So, ask your pediatric dentist about the correct amount of fluoride toothpaste you need to brush your little baby’s teeth. Otherwise, when using fluoride toothpaste for babies, only use a smear equal in size to a grain of rice.

Gently Brush the Teeth in a Circular Motion

Gently brush your baby’s teeth in a circular motion as you hold them and carefully inspect all of the surfaces of each tooth.

Clean Their Tongue and Gums

After brushing, clean their tongue and gums by gently wiping them with a soft, damp cloth or a gauze pad.

Floss Their Teeth

Use a flosser on every adjacent tooth’s interdental space.

Make it Fun

Sing a song, tell a story, or make it a fun experience to make brushing their teeth enjoyable.

Make Oral Hygiene a Routine Your Kid Can Learn By Practice

Brush your baby’s teeth twice a day using this method to form good oral hygiene habits. Explain why it is important to eliminate bacteria, depicting them as the bad guys of the story. And remember, regular dental checkups and professional cleanings by pediatric dentists are also crucial in maintaining good dental health in babies and children.

When Should a Child Brush Their Teeth For the First Time?

As pediatric dental specialists at Epic Children’s Dental Clinic in Aurora, Dr. Patterson is often asked when a child should start brushing their teeth for the first time. The answer may surprise you – it’s as soon as your little kid can maneuver the toothbrush and use a dental threader.

With your parental superpowers’ assistance, and most importantly, by educating your child habitually about “how to do it,” your child will easily get hands on the matter by age two. Indeed, your child is like a sponge that absorbs information, especially if it comes from their parents.

Moreover, as incredible as this might sound, the first thousand days of a kid’s life are crucial as their brains develop at a faster pace than at any other moment in their lives. For this reason, by age five, when they have developed 90% of their brain, they are ready for schooling and must have learned this and other tasks.

Meanwhile, supervise and assist until your child is able to brush their teeth on their own effectively; you should brush their teeth for them. As they get older, supervise them to ensure they are brushing for the full two minutes.

What Is the Best First Toothbrush for Kids?

The best toothbrush for your little one reunites the following characteristics:

  • It is extra soft and has soft bristles;
  • Easy to grip;
  • Has a small head to fit comfortably in their mouth, and
  • Makes the experience fun so your kid learns while playing.

Can Children Use Electric Toothbrushes?

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, patients often ask whether electric toothbrushes are safe for children. The answer is yes, but with they require parental guidance. Children as young as 3, those transitioning from toddler to school years, can use an electric toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush is quite fun. Electric toothbrushes come with many amusing features that can help your kid love brushing. If you haven’t heard of it, these new toothbrushes come with bright lights and music that your little one can sync with a phone app.

Among the benefits of electric toothbrushes, they are better at removing plaque. So, if you want to choose the best electric toothbrushes for kids, here we include a shortlist that takes into account whether your kid is passing a learning stage.

Best Training Toothbrush

The FridaBaby Babys First Toothbrush is a double-sided, extra soft finger toothbrush that cleans while massaging your infant’s gums and teeth.

The Best Baby Finger Toothbrush slides along the gummy line to soothe your baby’s gums when teeth start erupting.

Perfect For Toddlers

Dada-Tech Electric Toothbrush for kids up to three years old. This electric toothbrush comes with a replacement toothbrush and includes a brushing timer. This toothbrush has a programmable set-up for the specific characteristics of each kid.

Great Grip

Oral-B Vitality for Kids Toothbrush. This sensitive toothbrush includes an easy-to-grab rechargeable handle. The rounded head has soft bristles that spin for formidable plaque removal.

Best Of All

The best of all toothbrushes passed a selection process that included parents, kids, and experts that evaluated many aspects, including their attributes, ease of manipulation,  performance, and cost. The results of this 12-month research showed Hub Kids By Colgate Smart is the best.

This smart brush uses augmented technology to help guide your kid to have an effective and functional brushing experience. Your kid will love brushing with the app that helps your kid brush on, teaching your kid the places where to focus on.

Your kid can unlock new worlds on the app game that helps your little one get rewards by advancing on the brushing process and techniques.

What Else Can Parents Do to Keep Kids’ Teeth Clean?

As parents, we all want our kids to enjoy the journey of a healthy and happy life. The great news is, having a healthy smile can bring your kid lots and lots of fun, like brushing with fun phone apps, songs, and colors. At what age can a child use an electric toothbrush

Also, attending pediatric dentistry visits is an essential aspect of your kid’s dental health, where you can find information about your kid’s dental needs and their development, where you can get all sorts of information like at what age can a child use an electric toothbrush?

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, your Aurora pediatric dentistry, we ensure keeping your Kids’ Teeth Clean and Healthy with the application of sealants and fluoride and dental cleanups. Healthy teeth for your kids also include interceptive orthodontics, gummy smile, and non-surgical treatment of underbites. Schedule an appointment at the Best Kids Dentist in Aurora and take the first step towards a healthy smile for your kid.