Encourage A Good Attitude

Children tend to learn by example and even though it may seem like they’re paying little attention to the words and actions of their parents the fact is that they are.  If a parent exhibits an unnatural fear of the dentist for instance, his or her child will naturally pick up on it.  

One of the reasons that professionals recommend early dental attention is so that the children will become accustomed to the routine of regular checkups and preventive treatments.  Parents are encouraged to find a pediatric dentist in Aurora that will be compatible with their needs and provide their child with a stable dental home where he can feel welcomed and comfortable.

Getting ready for that first appointment with a new dentist can cause some apprehension for child and parent alike but as mom or dad you will have to set the tone and try your best to hide your own anxiety.  Give your child plenty of advance notice about the upcoming appointment but don’t harp on the subject so that he will begin to worry about it.  You should explain to your child that the dentist and his assistants are going to look at his teeth and count them and that you will be in the room the entire time.  Most dentists encourage parents to be present during the exam, especially on the first visit.

Give your child something to look forward to but don’t make it seem like a reward for his good behavior.  What reason would he have to cause a fuss? Instead point out that the hygienist who cleans his teeth will let him choose what flavor polish he would like her to use.  Bubblegum seems to be a favorite!

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