New And Improved Orthodontics

Things in the world of orthodontics have changed over the last decade.  It used to be that dentists recommended braces only in the most serious of cases.  That may have been partially due to the stigma that went along with wearing them. Kids who wore braces were often subjected to bullying by their peers and being called names like “metal mouth.”

Today, instead of a solid band of metal each tooth can be treated individually.  In some instances the brackets can be installed on the back of the teeth so they won’t be noticeable.  The materials used have also improved.  Instead of metal, braces may be made of ceramic or plastic and they can be clear or designed to match the natural color of the teeth.

The technology of orthodontics is to apply pressure to misaligned teeth to encourage them back into position.  If your child’s case is relatively basic his teeth may be able to be realigned by using invisible “trays” that can be removed at will. These are known as clear aligners, the most common brand name is Invisalign, however there are other clear aligner options as well.

Rubber bands are sometimes applied to more traditional braces to increase the tension.  New fashioned bands come in various colors so that kids can have fun coordinating them and changing them up as the mood strikes.

Once the braces have been removed the teeth will need some time to adjust to the new position.  A retainer is a custom made appliance that is usually worn at night and taken out for the daytime.  Retainers can be trendy as well.  They are available in “glow in the dark” styles or they can be patterned.

Braces can be vulnerable to breakage and retainers are easy to misplace.  Certain foods must be avoided while the braces are in place which may span 2 or 3 years time. These are among the reasons why some professionals may suggest putting off orthodontic treatment until a child is old enough to be more responsible.  There are differing schools of thought on the issue of timing.

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