Make Time For Regular Check Ups

Since the kids are out of school anyway for the winter break it might be an opportune time to schedule an appointment with their pediatric dentist. Regular check ups are important to make sure that everything is progressing as it should whether it concerns the stability of the baby teeth or the positioning of the permanent ones.

A pediatric dental check up will include a thorough examination of your child’s mouth including the tongue and cheeks as well as the teeth and gums. The dentist will be looking for any sign of bleeding that could signal the beginning of a gum disease.

The teeth are most vulnerable to tooth decay during the childhood and adolescent years. Regular check ups will assure that a cavity is spotted early on and can be treated with a minimum of invasion. If your child has already had some teeth filled the regular check up will give his dentist the opportunity to make sure that the work is holding up well.

If your Aurora pediatric dentist thinks it is called for he may order x-rays to get a better look at what is going on beneath the gums and under the enamel of the teeth. Pediatric x-rays involve a very small amount of radiation exposure and are totally safe for the patients.

An important part of the pediatric dental check up is the time the dentist will set aside to discuss the results with the patient, along with the parents. He will share the x-ray images and make recommendations for any treatments that may be necessary. If things look good he will congratulate your son or daughter for doing such a good job of taking care of their teeth. This is the time for parents to voice any concerns about home maintenance issues. It may also be a convenient time to ask your dentist if he can foresee orthodontic treatment for your child.

The scheduling staff at Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora will do everything in their power to arrange your appointment without interrupting a school day. Call them @ 720-721-3600.