Kids Have The Right Attitude

There could be any number of reasons that you have developed a sense of dread about going to the dentist. Maybe you had a bad experience somewhere along the way, or maybe you’re just one of those people who suffer from dental anxiety. Whatever your fears, you as a parent should realize that your child can envision a visit to the dentist’s office with a completely different mindset.

Finding a pediatric dentist is the best way to introduce your child to the importance of good dental health. A pediatric dentist deals solely with the care of children. He will have the unique training needed to make your child feel at ease in the office environment and actually let him become a part of the exam. The first visit usually just covers the basics like counting the teeth and checking for any surface cavities. If there is sufficient staining the dentist may have the hygienist clean your child’s teeth.

A dental hygienist who has chosen to work at a pediatric facility will know just how to react to the children and maybe even get them to look forward to having their teeth cleaned again. The hygienist can offer suggestions about home care that can make brushing and flossing seem like play time to your child.

The reception area of a pediatric dentist’s office in Aurora will be made to order for the kids. There will be playstations, videos and plenty of toys and coloring books to keep the children occupied while you talk to the dentist after the exam. This is the time to voice any concerns you may have about things like your child not wanting to give up his pacifier or grinding his teeth at night. Your Kids DDS in Aurora will give you informative reading materials about the care of the baby teeth, dietary habits, etc.

The office staff at Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora will do their best to arrange a regular appointment schedule that will conform to your personal agenda. They understand that circumstances may call for adjustments at times and they will try to accommodate that as well. Call the office @ 720-721-3600.