A Pediatric Dentist Will Be Able To Diagnosis A Case Of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can affect adults and children alike. Sensitive teeth are extraordinarily susceptible to pain when they come in contact with a particularly hot or cold element. This could be something that we eat or drink or even when we expose our teeth to extremely cold air.

Enamel is the hard surface found on the outer surface of the teeth. Any time the enamel is compromised it opens up the possibility that the inner part of the tooth will be affected. The three levels of dentin lie under the enamel and surround the pulp of the tooth. The pulp contains the nerve tissue that emits the pain that we feel when the pulp has been violated.

There are some causes of sensitivity that are more specific to children. Cavities for instance, are caused when bacteria invades the enamel. The infected tooth will suffer sensitivity as a result of the decay. Children are also more prone to the accidents that come with physical activities and contact sports. A chipped or broken tooth will expose the dentin and bring on sensitivity.

Children who are in the process of getting their permanent teeth may be susceptible. Just the fact that a newly erupted tooth has been nestled under the gum’s protective surface for so long may mean that it will experience some initial sensitivity to its new environment. Time will make it less vulnerable.

The metal content of silver fillings can react adversely to the outside stimulants of hot and cold. If your child has a dental amalgam it may well be causing the increased hypersensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity can be confused with some of the possible side effects of allergies or a sinus infection. Children who suffer from these conditions may complain that their teeth hurt. Your Aurora pediatric dentist will be able to determine the underlying source of the irritation.

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