Education Leads To Prevention

By choosing the specialized services of a pediatric dentist you are giving your child the benefit of being treated by a professional whose main goals are to prevent and educate.

Prevention begins with the first visit to your pediatric dentist and is carried forward by observing a regimen of regularly scheduled appointments. The early visits will consist mainly of getting your child used to the office environment and the sights and sounds that he will associate with going to the dentist.

A pediatric dental office will reflect the goals of everyone there to present a warm welcome and provide an atmosphere that the patients and their parents will appreciate and want to revisit. Entertainment centers will include activities and interests for patients of all ages. Video games, puzzles, and DVDs are commonly found. Some practices like to lend a theme to the office built around a popular movie or a favorite fictional character. The kids are impressed and the parents are gratified by the extra efforts extended to their children.

The hygienist will welcome you to accompany your child into the inner office where she will make you both comfortable while she gets some basic information about your child’s general health and dental history. The dentist will keep his preliminary exam short and sweet and leave you with a list of recommendations for home care measures appropriate to your child’s age.

As time goes on the dental visits will entail more thorough examinations to detect any early signs of tooth decay or a possible indication of a tendency toward developing gum disease. X-rays will be taken from time to time to monitor the development of the teeth that have not yet erupted and to determine if there is any reason to consider future orthodontic treatment. Cleanings help do away with the plaque that normally forms on the teeth and will be done as a routine part of every six month appointment.

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