Good Habits Carry Over

The sooner parents start a home program for pediatric oral health, the better. A child who learns the importance of taking good care of his primary teeth will find it easier to adhere to the habits necessary to prevent the more serious consequences that come from a lack of proper care to the permanent teeth.

Regular professional attention is essential for the prevention of cavities and gum disease. In addition to the routine checkups and the necessary x-rays that the dentist uses to detect tooth decay before it has a chance to spread, he can offer suggestions for home care that may be particularly pertinent to your child.

A pediatric dental hygienist is the one who cleans your child’s teeth and records any changes that the dentist should be made aware of. In the process, she gets to know her patients pretty well and can really contribute to their attitude about dental care at home. She can give them tips on how to make flossing easier, how to know if they’re brushing long enough at a time or if they’re using the right kind of tools to get the job done.

Hygienists like to encourage home care by providing each patient with a bagful of sample products to take with them and try. She’ll expect a report on each one at the next visit, giving the children incentive to actually put them to the test.

A big part of a plan for oral health is the dietary habits that children follow. Any food or drink that contains a lot of sugar or starch is bad for their teeth. That being said, dentists and hygienists realize that a sugar free diet is unrealistic where children are concerned so the next best thing is moderation. They encourage parents to curb the amount of candy and soft drinks their kids consume and to always keep. healthier alternatives on hand.

Children who have the advantage of regularly scheduled visits with a pediatric dentist have the best head start toward the end goal of a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Call Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora today @ 720-721-3600.