Be Ready At Every Turn

There are dental issues particular to children of every age group. Infants and toddlers are at risk for tooth decay from over exposure to baby formula. Parents should be careful to schedule feeding times and to avoid letting their child fall asleep with a bottle full of formula.

Toddlers often become obsessed with “sippy cups.” If they are allowed to walk around all day with a cupful of juice or milk they will be at higher risk than normal for tooth decay to develop. Weaning a child away from his sippy cup can be a challenge. Some parents have had success by replacing sweet acidic liquids with plain water, but it takes patience.

A healthy diet is fundamental in the goal to protect our children from having too many cavities. The acids that form from the sweet and starchy foods that our pre school age children look forward to are washed away by the natural flow of their saliva. Snack times should be limited so that the saliva can do its work and the tooth enamel can remain strong.

Once the kids are old enough for school parents will lose some of their control as far as diet is concerned. The best you can hope for is that they remember the good example that you have set and continue to follow your lead when it comes to the food choices they make.

Middle school is usually when children will be introduced to their first experience with organized sports. They expect the enthusiasm of their parents but the parents also have the responsibility to look out for their child’s safety. A professionally fitted mouth-guard can prevent serious injury.

Teenagers are at risk from some of the bad habits that they pick up. It’s a time of high peer pressure and the temptation. Parents have to be vigil about the use of tobacco products or fads like oral piercings that could seriously damage a teen’s physical condition and specifically their oral health.

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