Getting Ready

One of the best reasons to take your child to a pediatric dentist is that he has been trained in the specific needs of children and is concentrated on making his patients feel comfortable and secure.

Hopefully your child was introduced to a pediatric dental home at an early age so that going to the dentist has become as routine as a regular checkup with his pediatrician. Some children however, may not see a dentist until a problem arises. Pediatric dentists have offered some suggestions as to how to prepare that child for his or her first visit.

Keep it simple, there’s no need to go into great detail about what the dentist might say or do. If a procedure is necessary it’s better explained by a professional who is familiar in handling these situations. More times than not a simple checkup will be just that.

Everyone responds well to approval, children are no exception to the rule. Tell the dentist what a good job your child has done in taking care of his teeth, how he brushes twice a day and is careful about the snacks that he eats. Hearing your praise and seeing how impressed the dentist is will boost your child’s confidence and help to reduce his anxiety.

A pediatric dentist knows how to use his body language as well as his words to develop a friendly communication with his patients but at the same time present himself as a figure of professionalism who deserves their respect.

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