Teen Treatment Aurora & Denver, CO

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, we offer teen treatment in Aurora. Teen treatment is different than both child treatment and adult treatment. Children require extra careful dental explanation and cleaning. They are starting to learn how to practice good oral hygiene. Also, with children, their age allows for a phase one treatment in orthodontics, which can be done around the ages of seven to ten years old. It a pre-treatment before they are able to get braces.

Importance of Teen Treatment in Aurora

Adults know how to brush and floss and how to practice good oral hygiene continually. They are already past the learning stages and are just in need of maintaining their oral health, or they need to get a form of teeth straightening braces. With adults, they have all of their permanent teeth and typically have the freedom to choose which type of braces best fits their lifestyle.

Teens are in the middle stage. They have all their permanent teeth but are still learning how important brushing and flossing really are. With teens, they are at a common age where braces come into play. Typically teens are recommended to get traditional metal braces if they need to straighten their teeth. It is extremely common, and most of our teen patients we see do have metal braces. This is why teen treatment in Aurora is so important.

Teeth Cleaning Services for Teens in Aurora

Our kids dentist in Aurora know that we have to still care for teeth even if braces are sitting on them. Our Epic Dentistry for Kids team knows exactly how to provide teeth cleaning services for teens. We make sure to carefully clean around the brackets and wires so as not to disrupt your teeth straightening process. Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important even when you have braces on. You do not want to let food and bacteria sit between your teeth and braces for extended periods, and this can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and, eventually, teeth falling out.

The last thing teens want is to lose a tooth or have a messed up smile because proper oral hygiene was not continued. Our dentists recommend that your teen still be seen twice a year for a regular examination and teeth cleaning. If we see any dental issues, we can address them during the appointment. If you or your teen have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions and offer guidance if needed.


What is Teen dental treatment?

When we talk about Teen treatment in Aurora, we refer to all dental health recommendations and corrections needed during a person’s adolescence. Teens may have all their permanent teeth in place, but they are still undergoing development and could benefit from corrective dental treatment.

At what age should a teenager receive dental treatment?

We recommend that patients engage in Teen treatment in Aurora as soon as possible, and patients should consult with dentists before their adolescence. But if you notice that your teenager suffers from some dental health conditions, you can go to a dentist at your earliest convenience.

How often should a teenager go to the dentist?

Every teenager will have a slightly different Teen treatment in Aurora because dental health conditions can vary between patients. You should at least visit your dentist every 6 months. When you go for a consultation, your dentist will walk you through the best strategy to fix your dental problems, and this could translate into more frequent visits to the dentist’s office.

What are the dental treatment options for Teens?

If you are pursuing Teen treatment in Aurora you should know we install dental crowns, perform routine cleanings, and fillings. If you are a Teen who performs contact sports, you should know we can also offer you custom-made mouthguards!

What is the importance of Teen dental treatment?

If a teenager is undergoing Aurora Teen treatment, the dental health team will be able to solve problems faster and prevent more serious health issues like cavities, severe infections, or the need for a dental extraction.