Air Abrasion Is A Technological Improvement In The Field Of Pediatric Dentistry

One of the newer technologies to come to the forefront of pediatric dentistry is micro air abrasion. It is particularly useful in treating children who have small cavities since the process replaces the need for drilling and is usually able to be done without anesthetic. This opens the door for the dentist to treat more than one tooth per visit, but that will depend on the disposition of the individual patient.

With the dentist’s drill gone, so is the noise and heat that it produced. Just hearing the dreaded sound was enough to put a child on edge and cause him to tense up. Air abrasion propels minute fragments of aluminum oxide onto the surface of the affected tooth to remove the decay. Because the tooth stays dry during the entire procedure, it is ready for a composite filling to be applied right away. Metal fillings won’t work with a tooth that has been treated using the air abrasion method.

After the abrasion the dentist will apply a dye to make sure all of the decay was successfully removed. An air abrasion treatment will give the tooth a smooth finish so before he puts in the filling the dentist will administer a solution that will roughen it a bit.

Another advantage to using high tech air abrasion is that it greatly decreases the chances of losing the healthy part of the tooth. It’s not only good for removing tooth decay. Air abrasion can also be used to take out old fillings, get a tooth ready to accept a sealant, and get rid of unsightly stains.

Considering that air abrasion works best on a patient whose cavity is in the earliest stage, keeping to a regularly scheduled agenda of appointments with a pediatric dentist is the best way to make sure that your child never has to dread the drill again.

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