4 Ways To Help Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

4 Ways To Help Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

You did it! You finally got your kids to go see the dent– whoops, there they go.

Here at Epic Dentistry, we’re parents too. We know how difficult it can be to get your children to go to the dentist. And then there is the impossible task of getting them to stay put once they’re in the office.

If your children are nervous about going to the dentist, we can assure you that they have nothing to worry about. Here are few things that you can do to help ease their anxiety!

  1. Take a tour of the office

    At such a young age, one of the main reasons that they might be nervous is because they do not know what to expect. The first thing to do to help them feel a little bit more comfortable is to show them where they are going and let them see the office. They’ll see for themselves that there is nothing to be afraid of!
    Our Aurora dental office features a calm and cool atmosphere, with colorful decorations and entertainment for your children. While you can check out our virtual office tour, we recommend bringing your kids to see the place in person.

  2. Play a “pretend visit”

    During playtime with your child, take the opportunity to role play a dental visit! This way, your kid gets to see that dental visits are fun. You can take turns counting each other’s teeth and learning about what to expect during the dental visit. We recommend playing games that let your Epic kids feel like superheroes!

  3. Use fun words

    And avoid using scary words!
    This shouldn’t need much explaining. Words like “yank”, “pull” or “extract” would even scare us! You can tell your child that the dentist will “wash off the sugar bugs” or “count their teeth”, to make them feel more comfortable. And you can tell them that we’re great friends with the Tooth Fairy too!

  4. Start young

    Taking care of your kid’s teeth from the moment that they first appear is crucial – starting early will prevent plaque, cavities, and other dental problems that may need treatment. Your child will not have a positive view of dental visits if they have to get fillings or other treatments right off the bat.

Starting them off with routine visits when they are toddlers, whether for quick checkups or simple cleanings, will help them realize that visiting the dentist is no big deal!

When your child is comfortable at the dentist, they can develop a sense of “home” at the dental office. And here at Epic Dentistry For Kids, we strongly believe in the power of feeling at home. When your kids are happy and comfortable, they will take better care of their teeth!

At Epic Dentistry, we are a team of pediatric dentists in Aurora who wants our young patients to have a big smile for many years to come. Book an appointment for a consultation today!