Benefits of Having A Confident Smile

Braces for Kids in Aurora & Denver

Kids often feel nervous about going to the dentist, as the cleaning and care tools can look intimidating and procedures can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable for them. However, it is important to make sure that your child continues to receive regular dental care, as they will appreciate the long-term benefits. If they are confident about their teeth, they are more likely to smile more often, which comes with health benefits!

Befriend the New Kid

Smiling frequently can help you appear more approachable to new people, which makes making new friends much easier. Social interaction is a very important part of childhood, and a confident smile will help set you child up for success in this area. Your child’s smile can help new kids feel welcome at their school! Studies have also shown that smiling is contagious. If your child feels confident about their smile they will be able to positively impact the people around them and create a happier social environment for themselves.

Get Happy

Studies have shown that smiling can actually make you happier by engaging the same facial muscles you use when you are actually happy. Smiling has been known to reduce the production of stress-response hormones and encourage the production of mood-enhancing hormones. Of course this is not a long term solution to more enduring issues that may cause unhappiness, but the ability to quickly brighten your own mood when faced with challenges is very powerful.

Relieve Stress

In that same vein, studies have found that smiling frequently can actually reduce stress by reducing the body’s stress response and releasing hormones like serotonin. Remember that old phrase, “grin and bear it”? Smiling during brief periods of stress such as just before a big game, during a test, or before giving a speech in class can help your child feel more relaxed and comfortable in the situation. You can try teaching your child this quick stress coping tool that they can easily use on their own!

Make Memories

If your child is comfortable with their teeth they are more likely to smile in photos that they can look back fondly on when they grow up. Before all of the modern advancements in dental and orthodontic care, most people did not smile in photographs because their teeth were not attractive and they were often embarrassed of them. Now that we have access to great dentists, your child can feel proud to show off their pearly whites in photos!

Brace Yourself  

Braces are often a part of the journey to the perfect smile. While your child may feel apprehensive about this step, be sure to remind them of how confident they will feel once the braces have worked their magic. Many adults report feeling self conscious about crooked teeth, and orthodontic care can help your child avoid that burden later in life. Braces can also be an opportunity kids to be creative and express themselves, as many orthodontists offer different colored rubber bands and custom retainer designs. Keeping their braces clean will also help them feel more confident during their orthodontic treatment. If your child needs further convincing, talk to them about the Harry Potter actors who also had braces!

Get the Job

Smiling during job interviews can convey confidence and enthusiasm to potential employers. People who feel self-conscious about their teeth or suffer from untreated dental problems often struggle to obtain employment because smiling is so important for making a good first impression and customer service. When your child grows up, they will be thankful for the time and effort spent caring for their smile.

At the end of the day, we believe your child’s health and happiness are what matters most. Our team of pediatric dentists in Aurora, Denver, and Centennial is here to help your kids grow up with confidence!