Brushing Can Be Fun

fun brushing Colorado dentist

Summer is finally underway and families are adjusting to the change. Children are busy with sports events, plans to attend summer camp or just hanging out at the pool with their friends. Life is a lot more laid back at this time of year and schedules tend to be more flexible. There are some areas of concern however, that we just can’t afford to neglect and one of them is the maintenance of our oral health.

Children learn by example. The younger ones will think it fun to brush right along with mom, dad or an older sibling. While they’re having a good time they can also learn how to brush and rinse and take care of their toothbrush properly.

Find a way to make it fun. A “dissolving agent” for instance, comes in the form of a chewable tablet that you get from your dentist or pharmacist. When it is diffused in the mouth it leaves behind a trace of pink on the teeth that are coated with cavity causing plaque so that the kids can see the spots that need more attention.

Let them have at it. Brushing their teeth is one time when your kids shouldn’t have to worry about neatness. In this case the more bubbles, the better. And when the job is done be sure to praise their efforts.

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding good work. Help your child set a goal of brushing his teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Mark each successful day on the calendar and at the end of the month if he has reached his goal then he will have earned a day at the zoo or some other special outing.

The hygienists who treat children in a pediatric dental setting can tell you that kids need to be motivated to take care of their teeth. Talk to your child’s hygienist about more ideas that might get your child to take more of an interest in his or her oral health.

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