Why Should You Choose a Pediatric Dentist to Help With Your Kid’s Wisdom Teeth?

Not even the best children’s dentist in Aurora has said the words “wisdom teeth” and seen people smile. Parents worry that their kids may one day start complaining about a persisting pain that makes them run to the dentist. Kids are usually worried about anything that makes them go to the dentist’s office, let alone something that requires surgery.

Yes, this set of molars is not a cause for joy. Wisdom teeth may have overstayed their welcome, so to speak. The experts widely believed that this third set of molars was originally intended for chewing our ancestors’ coarse vegetation and tough meat diet.

The extra teeth relieved some of the stress put on the first and second molars.

However, nowadays, wisdom teeth don’t help put away any stress; they add to it. Furthermore, many individuals fear that the eruption of wisdom teeth can cause a shift in their teeth’ position.

Let’s review what exactly happens with your child’s wisdom teeth, if they can stay in, and whether or not they can ruin a patient’s smile.

Child’s Dentistry in Aurora That Also Helps With Orthodontics

Wisdom teeth are especially important to us here at Epic Dentistry for Kids. Dr. Patterson and the team focus on helping patients with two main problems. First, we are a pediatric dentistry practice, meaning we have the training required to make children feel at ease during any dental treatments.

Second, we also focus on orthodontics. As you may know, orthodontics focuses on the alignment of your dental structures.

As a dual-specialty care practice, wisdom teeth are very important. This third set of molars won’t erupt until your late teens – sometimes, they never erupt at all -. Similarly, parents who take their children to a pediatric dentist are worried that these molars will affect their children’s smiles when they erupt.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), you should take your child to an orthodontist around age 7 for the best results. Still, many parents consider this unnecessary if there are teeth erupting later in life that can undo the results of orthodontic care.

Do Wisdom Teeth Shift Your Teeth?

Over time humankind and its diet have evolved so that we no longer require the added strength that the third molars provided. In fact, they can cause more trouble than they’re worth. Some people never get their wisdom teeth, but many do have to have them extracted.

If wisdom teeth are going to emerge, they will likely do so during the late teens or early twenties, but your pediatric dentist will be able to monitor their progress long before that time.

Third molars won’t shift your child’s smile. The eruption of these teeth won’t cause other dental pieces to move around, so you can rest assured all your hard work during your child’s orthodontic care won’t go to waste.

This study reveals that we cannot establish a clear link between the eruption of third molars and teeth crowding. However, your wisdom teeth can still create dental health problems.

Wisdom Teeth Can Still Create Problems

Even though they may not shift your teeth around, wisdom teeth can still cause complications.

In some cases, the patient may just not have enough room in his mouth for the extra four molars, and if they are allowed to erupt, there could be significant damage to the existing teeth.

Impacted teeth can be disturbing news. When a tooth remains trapped under the gumline, it can create complex complications such as an abscess and severe infections. These abscesses can even be life-threatening, which is why we insist your child undergoes frequent evaluations with a dental health professional.

Though many people may not feel the symptoms of an impacted tooth, it could still affect your dental health.

Why Should You Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Kids?

The problems arising with wisdom teeth are quite commonplace, but some lucky people have no trouble at all.

If the teeth are well aligned and healthy when they erupt, there may be no need to consider extracting them.

Here, we can use x-rays to determine if the teeth are in place and properly aligned and be on the alert for signs of gum disease or the possibility that the teeth may become impacted.

Your pediatric dentist will be able to evaluate whether or not your child is at risk. If an evaluation indicates a potential issue, the dentist may advise the early removal of the wisdom teeth. Our own Dr. Patterson can help with this process.

Patients in their late teens or early twenties should come in for a wisdom tooth evaluation.

Our children’s dentist in Aurora, Dr. Patterson, will perform a thorough examination and discuss every treatment option available with his patients and their parents before recommending it.

Even if your child goes to a general dental practice, they must get screened to find out whether their wisdom teeth need to be removed or not. Set your next appointment with us right here!