Children Are Quick To Adapt

“Toddler” aged children are between one and three years old. It’s a time of great importance in the advancement of their motor skills and physical development. Their dental health will require more and more attention as their teeth continue to erupt. The eruption of the primary teeth is an important stage in the preparation for the eventuality of the permanent ones that are meant to provide a lifetime of good oral health. What can we as parents do to help to achieve that goal?

Establishing a routine of good oral home health habits like brushing and flossing daily is a big part in the effort but even more essential in the fight against tooth and gum diseases is getting professional pediatric dental care on a regular basis starting as soon as the baby teeth begin to show. No matter how diligent you are about maintaining a home regimen of proper care it can’t replace a professional cleaning. Plaque will begin to collect as soon as the teeth are exposed. Your Aurora pediatric dentist and hygienist will keep a close eye out for signs of plaque buildup and if it is found they will recommend that your child start having six month cleanings as a part of his regular dental checkups.

One of the reasons for early childhood care is to get children used to the dental environment. If regular visits to the dentist’s office become part of their routine a child will naturally adapt to it. As he becomes familiar with the instruments and apparatus of the office he will consider them to be just a part of going to see the dentist.

As your child grows and matures it will become harder to monitor his dietary choices, but at the toddler stage you can still control what he eats and drinks. A child who is brought up on a well-balanced diet rich in calcium and essential vitamins is much more likely to continue down this path to good oral health.

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