Could Your Oral Health Be Affecting Your Children?

Children Oral Health Care

We know that parenting is an exhausting and full time job! Here at Epic Dentistry for Kids, we are all about helping our patients and their families maintain great oral health and oral hygiene habits during their busy lives. Did you know that as a parent, your oral health can actually affect your child’s oral health? In order to help you understand this relationship, we’ve put together this guide to give you the information and tools necessary to maintain your family’s oral health from the start!

Prenatal Oral Care

Your child’s oral health actually begins before they are even born! Studies have shown that the oral health of a pregnant mother can actually affect the child’s teeth once they are born. This is because the bacteria that causes cavities can be passed onto the fetus during pregnancy.

In order to ensure that your child has the best start possible, prenatal dental care is recommended during pregnancy. It is safe to receive regular dental care during pregnancy. This will benefit both the baby and the mother. Since building a baby requires a lot of extra nutrients, most doctors recommend that their pregnant patients add supplements to their diets. Some of the most common and helpful supplements for pregnant women are folic acid, iron, and B12. Talk to your doctor about the supplements and nutrients you need during pregnancy.

Preventing the Spread of Cavities

Once your child is born, you’ll of course need to start helping them take care of their own oral health. When your child is a baby, we recommend that you wipe their mouths and gums gently with a soft damp cloth after eating on a regular basis. Once their teeth start to erupt, you can gently brush them with a soft toothbrush in the morning at night. We recommend that you bring your child to their first pediatric dental appointment before their first birthday.

Aside from all the hard work you’re doing to keep their teeth and gums healthy, you’ll want to take your own oral health into account too! If you have cavities or bad bacteria in your mouth and you share cups, utensils, or food with your child, you could be passing those issues along to them! Be sure to continue to visit your dentist on a regular basis, and stay on top of cour at home oral hygiene routine.

Setting a Good Example

Another benefit of taking care of your own smile is that you will be setting a great example that your child will notice! If they see you brushing and flossing every day, and hear you talk about going to the dentist, they are likely to model their own behavior after yours and develop good oral hygiene habits that will last a long time. Consider brushing your teeth together for a little bit of family bonding and to make sure they’re being thorough!


If you have any more questions about your child’s oral health, schedule an appointment at our pediatric dentist’s office in Aurora today! We are here to help.