Fun Tooth Facts: Animal Edition

Fun Tooth Facts Animal Edition

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, we believe that teeth can be fun! While we are exclusively pediatric dentists for kids here in Aurora, we love to learn about animals too. Here are some of our favorite fun facts about animal teeth, along with some nearby places you and your family can go to see these animals in real life!

Shark Teeth

Sharks go through about 40 sets of teeth in their life. That is pretty wild in comparison to the two sets that humans get! Different species of sharks have different numbers, but some can go through 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. Wow!

Want to see some sharks up close? Take a day trip to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver and check out their swim with the sharks exhibit! Visitors ages 8 and up can take a safe, guided swim with sharks! If that’s not your thing, you can still visit the aquarium and see them and their other fish friends from behind the glass.


Interestingly enough, Giraffes and humans both have 32 teeth. While we may have the same number of teeth, our oral structures are very different. Most of their teeth are on their bottom jaw, with molars on both the top and bottom in the back of their mouths. Their top jaw has no front teeth, just a hard pad that they use to strip leaves from trees.

If you want to see a giraffe up close, check out their exhibit at the Denver Zoo!


The average elephant molar weighs 11 pounds! That’s pretty heavy for a single tooth. Elephants are the largest mammals we know about, so it makes sense that they have such large teeth. Elephants go through six sets of huge, brick-like teeth in their lifetime. Their teeth grow in the back of their mouth first and slowly move to the front until they fall out and are replaced by new ones.

When you go to the Denver Zoo to see the giraffes, visit the elephants too!


Why are beaver teeth orange? Throughout their lives, beavers’ teeth turn more and more orange due to the high levels of iron in the food they consume. When they are born their teeth are usually much lighter in color.

Aurora is actually not that far from Beaver Creek, a vacation resort where families can ski and enjoy other awesome outdoor activities. You probably won’t get to see any actual beavers there, but there are several beaver rescue centers throughout the state!

We hope you learned something new with us today. Don’t forget to schedule your pediatric dental appointment with us today!